Our Services

We provide high-quality and affordable housekeeping services to meet your house cleaning needs.

1) Laundry Services

Whether you are busy with work or just do not like doing the chore, not to worry our laundry services will make sure that washing your clothes is made easier and your laundry gets cleaned with utmost care.

2) Housekeeping

As an affordable domestic cleaning services in Singapore provider, we take it upon ourselves to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness that you and your family require. Our team provides professional cleaning services, either regularly or weekly. 

Our housekeeping services include cleaning, washing, folding and ironing laundry, changing bed linen, preparing and cooking food, dishwashing, emptying trash, watering plants, grocery shopping, car washing, and pet-sitting.

3) Door-to-Door Housekeepers
4) One-Time Spring Cleaning
5) Laundry & Drycleaning & Pressing & Mending & Alteration
6) Carpet Cleaning
7) Curtain Dismantling
8) Collection & Delivery Service

Our Benefits

Emergency Service

Contact us and we will understand your requirements to provide you with the suitable recommendation to meet your house cleaning needs.

Satifaction Guarantee

We are a professional cleaning company. With a focus on quality, as well as customer satisfaction, we work with proficiency to make your space ready before the festive season begins.

No Upfront Payment

Email or call us today and we will provide you with a free quote.

21 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experiences, our team provides professional cleaning services, either regularly or weekly.